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Abstracts from members of Scientific Advisory Committee (as per 30 October 2016)

Frank Wendland, Germany
Abstract #6
Nitrogen pollution of groundwater and surface waters in Lower Saxony, Germany: Status quo and management options

Patricia Chambers, Canada

Abstract #22
Nutrient export from Canadian prairie watersheds in relation to land use and a changing climate

Gunnar Lischeid, Germany
Abstract #24
What surface water tells about land use effects on groundwater quality – and what it does not

Lærke Thorling, Denmark
Abstract #28
P in groundwater and groundwater dependent ecosystems

Carl Bolster, USA
Abstract #34
Improving models for describing phosphorus cycling in agricultural soils

Fien Amery, Belgium
Abstract #45
Selection of the best soil phosphorus test for fertilizer advice and legislation

Hans Peter Broers, The Netherlands
Abstract #62
Protecting the groundwater resources in the Netherlands: Strategies and challenges

Wibke Christel, Denmark
Abstract #72
Standardization of complexity: The challenge of transferring conditions given in individually issued environmental permits to general rules, while securing the level of environmental protection

Chantal Gascuel-Odoux, France
Abstract #76
Storage and fluxes of phosphorus in soils, riparian wetlands and surface water: The case of Brittany, a hotspot of P input due to intensive animal breeding

Chantal Gascuel-Odoux, France
Abstract #77
A framework and a set of tools called Nutting models to estimate retention capacities, loads of nitrogen and phosphorus, and their uncertainties in rivers at catchment and national level (France)

Cláudia Marques dos Santos, Portugal
Abstract #152
Aquatic ecosystems under agricultural nitrogen pressures in Portugal and Denmark

Kenneth Taylor, New Zealand
Abstract #156
Our Land and Water National Science Challenge: Science to transform our agricultural landscapes

Claudia Heidecke, Germany
Abstract #174
Towards a consistent and high resolution regional nitrogen balance for municipalities in Germany

Stina Olofsson, Sweden
Abstract #179
Focus on nutrients, a voluntary initiative for environment and economy

Piet Groenendijk, The Netherlands
Abstract #180
Reduction goals for the nitrogen and phosphorous load on regional surface waters from agricultural land in the Netherlands

Pavel Rosendorf, Czech Republic
Abstract #184
Regional, seasonal and inter-annual patterns of phosphorus and nitrogen runoff from agricultural watersheds in the Czech Republic after period of fertilization change

Roland Stenger, New Zealand
Abstract #186
Nitrate assimilation capacity of shallow groundwater underlying dairy farms in the Reporoa Basin, New Zealand

Roland Stenger, New Zealand
Abstract #187
Nitrogen and phosphorus exports from artificially drained dairy pastures in the Hauraki Plains, New Zealand

Gitte Blicher-Mathiesen, Denmark
Abstract #189
The plan for a new targeted regulation of agriculture in Denmark

Cláudia Marques dos Santos, Portugal
Abstract #198
Addressing water resources protection and agriculture development in a transboundary river basin: The nitrogen factor in Tagus River (Portugal/Spain)

István Sisák, Hungary
Abstract #203
Manipulation of digital elevation data to model human altered surfaces and hydrological uncertainties

Nicholas Howden, Great Britain
Abstract #210
Planning and policy for water quality: Where do we start, what do we aim for, and how long will we wait?

Marco Acutis, Italy
Abstract #216
Effect of conservative agriculture on nitrate and phosphate leaching: The Lombardy case study (northern Italy)

Bob Middleton, Great Britain
Abstract #221
Voluntary approaches really do work: An English example

Marianne Bechmann, Norway
Abstract #229
Impact of climate change on land use and surface water quality: Results from long term monitoring in Norway



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